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Meeting with the chairman of the EU Affairs Committee of the Senate of the Czech Republic

On May 17, 2023, the Ambassador of Georgia to the Czech Republic, Thea Maisuradze, held an introductory meeting with Vladislav Vilimec, the Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee of the Senate of the Czech Republic.
The parties talked about the cooperation between the legislative bodies and the active dynamics of the visits. The parties empasized the significance of the planned joint visit to Georgia of the European Union Affairs and European Affairs Committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament.
In addition, the parties discussed the reforms carried out by the Georgian side in the direction of integration into the European Union, the current progress in the implementation of the 12 priorities of the European Union and the expectations of the Georgian side. In addition, the conversation touched on the situation in the occupied regions of Georgia and regional security issues.