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Fields of Cooperation

Bilateral relations, as well as cooperation within international organizations between Georgia and the Czech Republic, have been developing dynamically. Approximately 10 international treaties are signed that form the legal basis for fruitful cooperation in the fields of economy, finances, culture, defence and security, education, science, sports and other.

Active inter-parliamentary cooperation between Georgia and the Czech Republic should be mentioned. Meetings on Committee level take place on Regular bases. Inter-parliamentary Friendship Groups are established at both parliaments. With the adopted resolutions and declarations Czech parliament has repeatedly affirmed its unwavering support towards Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as European aspirations.

According to the Development Cooperation Strategy of the Czech Republic (ODA) 2010-2017 Georgia is a recipient of the Czech assistance under the status of the Project country. Bilateral assistance projects are being implemented in the fields of health care, environment, agriculture, social security, governance and civil society development.

Bilateral economic relations are progressing successfully, particularly in the fields of energy and tourism. Business Forums and sessions of Intergovernmental Economic Commission held in 2011-2016 are real proof of dynamically developing business cooperation between the countries.

Georgia and the Czech Republic also enjoy close cooperation in the field of Education. Georgian students are annually enrolled at the universities of the Czech Republic. In 2016-2017 Czech Republic granted 7 scholarships to Georgian students in the directions of energy, economics and agricultural studies.

In 2015, Center for Georgian Language and Culture was established at the Charles University in Prague and history of Georgian language and culture was officially included in the syllabus.

For promoting Georgian culture in the Czech republic, various cultural events take place on regular bases.

The square named after the first President of the Czech Republic, Vacvav Havel, was opened in Tbilisi.

Abasha municipality of Georgia is twinned with the Czech town of Jevíčko.

Trade turnover between Georgia and the Czech Republic between 2000 and 2006

(in thousand USD)

Year Export Import



2 443,3



2 930,0



5 389,6



6 175,6


1 621,6

12 348,4


6 632,0

20 551,8




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